What is MarineInformer?

Marineinformer.com is neither recruiting, nor employing, it is the aggregator of job vacancies collected only from trusted sources. All jobs on the site are the property of companies or individuals who created them.
Marineinformer.com collects only information on current existing vacancies, distributes them into categories and provides a link to page or contact email of employer, thereby greatly helping in your search and saving you time.

The areas of professional activities available on MarineInformer.com:

– Jobs for vessel crews in marine transportation industry

– Maritime jobs

– Jobs for vessel crews in offshore sector of marine industry

– Offshore jobs

– Jobs in oil and gas industry including drilling, offshore and shore based positions

– Oil and Gas jobs

– Jobs in Health Safety and Environment sector

– HSE jobs

The main areas of expertise (departments) which are present in job titles:

Deck Officers

Deck Ratings

Engine Officers

Engine Ratings

Drilling crew

ROV team

Galley/Catering staff

Housekeeping staff

Project Team

Maintenance/Repair Team

Medics/HSE officers

Oil and Gas professionals

Marineinformer.com is not responsible for your actions after you have selected the vacancy that interests you. You can reach vacancy author by email or contact information provided in the job ad.
Marineinformer.com does not guarantee your further employment, also you can get no answer to your request. Every employer defines his own rules for choosing a suitable candidate.

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