Company: Parker Drilling Management Services Inc Skills: Rig Mechanic Education: High School/Secondary Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee Salary: Negotiable Location: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia Status: Active No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Job description and responsibilities:
Mechanic assistant on the rig servicing reports directly to senior mechanic.
Mechanic assistant on the rig servicing shall do the following:

Dismantling, repair, mounting, testing and servicing of different apparatus and drilling rigs as well as pneumatic control system and its blocking devices, set of devices for automatic tool running and pulling, BOP equipment and unit for its control, automatic drilling tongs, control and measuring instruments, blocks for drilling mud preparation, servicing of boiler units, winches and lifting cranes.
Take part in works on running the casing and equipment of the wellhead on mounting and installation of wellhead assembly and production tree, in mounting, dismantling and commissioning of the drilling rig equipment.
Perform single requests of his line manager and Company manager.
In his activity mechanic assistant follows:

regulatory documents on issues of performed work;
internal work regulations;
orders and instructions of the Company manager, line manager;
the present job description;
rules on labor safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

Mechanic assistant on the rig servicing shall have secondary vocational education.
Rig experience is required.
Experience of Caterpillar engines repairing and maintenance is required.
Experience of top drive maintenance is preferable.
Experience of repairing Kamaz trucks, cranes, cars is preferable.
Good English language skills are preferable.
Mechanic assistant on the rig servicing shall have knowledge on the following:

design features of drilling rig equipment and used devices;
technological order and organization of labor when repair, mounting, installation of drilling rig and its equipment;
operating procedures of drilling rigs, all types of used materials when repair;
ways of identification of early wear of parts;
static and dynamic balancing of machines and devices;
ways of worn parts remanufacturing;
general data on manufacturing process of oil, gas, thermal wells drilling, iodine-bromine water and other mineral resources;
lubricating system of joints and tools;
servicing procedures of boiler units.

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