Company: Parker Drilling Management Services Inc Skills: Rig Electrician Experience: 3 + Years Education: High School/Secondary Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee Salary: Negotiable Location: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia Status: Active No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Assistant Electrician shall with comply operations and technical rules, safety rules, electrical safety rules, job instructions and policies of PDC and ENL.
Assistant Electrician shall perform his professional level and qualification of his reports.
General job description
Maintenance of electrical equipment of the drilling unit, distribution devices, electric motors of all types and sizes, voltage control stations, drives of pumps, drawworks and other equipment. Disassembly and repair of electrical equipment,
Post repair maintenance of electrical equipment and instruments, start-up under supervision of engineers and technicians.
Maintenance of power and lighting units with complicated connection circuits. Checkup and troubleshooting of circuits of electrical equipment. Checkup and troubleshooting of circuits in control circuits of electric motors. Quick power switching in electrical layouts with revision of transformers, switches, drives and disassembly thereof. Checkup, assembly and repair of fluorescent lighting. Spotting of fault places on cables, measuring resistance of grounding. Maintenance and repair of heaters. Repair of distribution devices during drilling, ensure continuous operations thereof.
Assistant Electrician shall:

at the beginning of tour – report to Driller by hand radio, visually inspect electrical equipment, stand by on radio
during tour – ensure safe, stable and incident-free work of technological equipment, ventilation, lighting, heating, communication and alarm system.
ensure safe and quality completion of repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.
take timely troubleshooting measures.
responsbile for quality repaire of drilling equipment
use tools, PPE, consumables in safe and economical manner, ensure control and safe keeping.
participate in rig up and rig down
responsible for own actions while supporting continuity of technological process
participate in COACH program
apply equipment and tools, use PPE, provide first aid.
perform one time assignments of this supervisors.
Assistant Electrician shall be responsible for:

ensure own safety, safety of other people and maintained equipment.
compliance with safety rules, electrical safety rules, fire rules, industrial sanitary rules and environmental protection rules.
good quality performance of duties
Safe keeping of PDC tools, consumables, property.
compliance with PDC and ENL internal and location rules, travel rules.

Assistant Electrician shall meet the following requirements:

be a qualified electrician, minimum completed education – secondary professional school, minimum grade 4.
minimum safety qualification group III and minimum 3 years of rig experience, physically fit.
Knowledge of English is welcome.
Must know
Technological process of drilling for oil, gas, water; basics of electrotechnics, electronics and telemetry; structure and electrical circuits of electrical machines, devises, instruments, electronic regulation and telemetry; testing of electrical equipment, cable networks, wiring, full electrical layout of the drilling unit and its components; each section of the drilling unit; rules of adjustment and repair of electrical devices, instruments, welding and power transformers, rectifiers including SCR control of pump engines, drawworks, top drive; principles of work of converters and different types of generators; methods of replacement of different parts of electric machines and devices on drilling floor; rules of tuning and adjustment of instruments. Best methods of checking, repair, assembly and maintenance of electric motors, protection methods, selection of wire cross sections, fuse links, protection devices depending on current load, technical requirements to wiring; main electrical norms for adjustment of electrical equipment, methods of checkup and measurement, functions of equipment, power sources, functions and uses of instruments, safety rules within group III requirements.

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