Company: Sapura Drilling Asia Sdn Bhd Skills: Roustabout Experience: 1 + Years Education: High School/Secondary Salary: Competitive Location: Angola Status: Active No location/work authorization restrictions found.


Qualifications & Certifications


Junior Secondary School Level Education Or recognized Experience/Training Certificate
Valid BOSIET Certificate
Valid Offshore Medical Certificate




Preferably 3 years of experience as Roustabout


Skill / Attributes / Competencies


Basic level of verbal and written communication in English (can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance. Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information or familiar and routine matters)
Maintain BMI levels as per Company & Client’s requirements
The incumbent is expected to be mobile to cover similar roles within the fleet
Meet the training requirements as per company’s training matrix
Ability to competently and safely perform duties defined in the job description
Preferably some experience in offshore Marine Operations
Certified Crane Operator ( Pedestal – offshore) an advantage


Main Responsibilities



The Lead Roustabout is the designated “person in charge” to assist the Barge Engineer and Crane Operator in the performance the day to day operation of the Tender and for carrying out maintenance and repairs to equipment as directed.



Minimum Job Functions

Includes, but is not limited to and not in order of priority:

Line-supervisor and member of the deck crew, who works on the tender decks, handling drilling equipment and chemicals to and from Supply Vessels, and to and from the Rig Floor.
Liaise with Supervisor and ensuring clear understanding of instructions before commencing any task
Supervise the Roustabout crew during the daily operations of his tour which includes but is not limited to:
Offloading and back loading Supply Vessels
Laying out and preparing tubulars for use
Organizing equipment to and from Rig Floor
Organizing equipment to and from Sack Store
Stacking equipment orderly to ensure good housekeeping
Cleaning and painting operations on deck or hull
Cleaning and painting of cranes

Supervise maintenance and repairs to equipment if so directed by the Crane Operator or Barge Engineer, which may include but is not limited to:
Minor Maintenance and repairs to cranes
Minor maintenance and repairs to anchor winches
Maintenance and repairs to fire fighting equipment
Bulk system valves and manifolding
Liquid system vales manifolding
Bulk and liquid hoses and piping
Miscellaneous tender piping

Maintain a familiarity with the bulk chemical and liquid transfer systems and being competent to offload/backload or transfer bulk chemical and liquids.
Responsible for bunkering hoses and checking lifting equipment i.e. slings, shackles etc. before and after use, ensuring any defects are reported immediately.
Ensure that the decks are free of all unnecessary tools and equipment and these items are stored in their correct place after use.
Being competent in the usage and instruction of internationally recognized crane signals.
Report any defects in drilling or lifting equipment immediately so as to enable repairs to be carried out at the first opportunity.
Being familiar with all drilling tools and equipment and assist in checking the equipment.
Ensure Roustabouts are trained in the use of all equipment that they are directed to use.
Assist on the helideck during flying operations as directed by the H.L.O.
Responsible to the Barge Engineer for the upkeep and appearance of the tender decks and hull and related equipment including painting, cleaning and the necessary maintenance
Responsible for maintaining the paint locker.
Read and understand the relevant company polices pertaining to his position.
Ensuring all personnel, under their supervision give a clear and accurate report of work status, their responsibilities and duties to their relief.
Communicate pertinent matters pertaining to the operation and equipment under their control to their relief at shift and crew changes.
Acts as a liaison between the Roustabouts and the Crane Operator.



Understand safety critical barrier responsibilities as defined within the Rigs safety case (available from your supervisor)
Understand safety critical procedures, safety critical equipment and safety critical activities associated with safety critical barriers as defined within the Rigs safety case
Maintain effectiveness of safety critical barriers as defined in the Rigs safety case
Lead safety by example for all employees to follow
Promotes safety awareness and safe work practice among all the personnel on board
Implement and lead company and operator safety programs and initiatives
Leading participation in and compliance with the Permit to Work system
Conduct pre-tour and pre-job safety meetings in compliance with the company requirements (which includes use of the 4-Point check / Energy Wheel and TBRA tools), ensuring that crews have participated fully in discussions, have determined the safest method to complete the task and have a full understanding of the work to be performed (especially their individual role)
Report all hazards and positively intervene in all observed unsafe acts (Stop Work Authority)
Participate in emergency drills, including post-drill debriefs
Attend General Safety Meetings
Instruct his crews in the safest work methods and provide On-the-Job training
Carry out all work activities within the guidelines of Company or Operator Policies or Procedures
Ensuring he is familiar with any delegated responsibilities as detailed in the Operators Emergency Response Plan
Familiarise him / herself with the Company Safety Policy and to take all reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of him / her and persons likely to be affected by his / her acts or omissions, as required under the company Safety Management System
Member of the emergency response Team for all emergencies, as described in the Contingency and Emergency Manual and station bill
Instruct crews in the safest work methods under different sea and operating conditions
Motivates and develops the skills of Roustabouts to report all hazards and positively intervene in all observed unsafe acts
Ensure that they and the persons under their authority properly use and care for their personal protective equipment
Ensure that all work areas for personnel are always, so far as reasonably practical, safe and clean.


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