Company: etpm Skills: A B Seaman Experience: 3 + Years Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship Employment Type: Rotational Contractor Salary: TBC Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom Status: Active
In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume
does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.Authorized to work in: United Kingdom

Position title:
Reports to:
Bosun/Chief Officer
Job Summary:
Responsible for carrying out, in a safe and diligent manner, any task or routine which he is directed to do by the Bosun or Chief Officer.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Preparation and painting of the vessel as required.
• Have understanding and comply with all relevant sections of the companies policies and management system.
• Be familiar with his emergency duties and he must be aware of, and abide by Company procedures, policies and instructions.
• Lash and secure cargo and equipment on the weather decks or other cargo spaces, and the stores/spares in storerooms, in his area of responsibility.
• Carry out maintenance of deck machinery and equipment and assist in carrying out planned maintenance routines.
• Be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the equipment in the field of his responsibility and maintain the cleanliness of his work area.
• Be responsible for washing down/degreasing of the vessel externally. Additionally he will maintain internal cleanliness of areas which he is directed, not excluding engine room areas. 
• Be part of the helideck fire party during helicopter operations or act as a baggage handler under the direction of the HLO.
• As watch keeper shall undertake the routines concerned with cleanliness of specified areas, maintain a fire watch, keep in constant communication with the Bridge by means of a portable radio and perform bridge lookout or other duties as specified by the OOW.
• Any other duties assigned by the Chief Officer.
Shall be part of the mooring stations party either forward or aft, assisting with the safe rigging of gangways and pilot ladders as required.
Mandatory Entry Level Requirements:
• STCW Basic Safety Training. 
• Watchkeeping Certificate
• ENG 1 (Certificate of Medical Fitness)
• Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft
• UKOOA Medical
• OPITO Survival
• CA – EBS Initial Deployment Training

ETPM focuses on the combination of in-depth contract expertise with sound seafaring knowledge to offer services in support of marine operations offshore.


Founded in the provision of consultancy for high risk marine operations, the Group is a household name for technical assurance and more latterly project execution services. These core skills have lead to the development of a range of associated services at the same high standards as the founding concepts.

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