Company: DELLA INFOTECH INC Skills: Toolpusher, Production Operator, Heavy Machinery Operator Education: High School/Secondary Employment Type: Full Time Contractor Salary: 22$ / hr Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Status: Active No location/work authorization restrictions found.


Equipment Operator I


Aurum Road Edmonton Alberta T6S 1G9


3 months Temp to Hire

Shifts & Pay

22$ – Rotating between 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 11:30 PM







This role REQUIRES a Loader certification and Class 5 driver license.
Shift will be:

– 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM

– 3:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Rotation Every 2 weeks when properly trained on equipment

The Equipment Operator (MRF) safety and efficiently operates heavy and/or industrial equipment such as front loaders, commodity balers, grapples, and forklifts in a safe, effective and efficient manner at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to achieve operational targets.

Must be able to navigate and operate equipment within a recycling facility and around various external solid waste haulers while moving large piles of debris and recycling materials.
Required to perform housekeeping tasks as required. Incumbent is required to perform Safety Sensitive duties or responsibilities.

The duties of the Equipment Operator (MRF) are as follows, but not limited to:

1. Understands and promotes the Company’s, the Division’s, the Plant’s, and the Department’s mission statement, values, and strategic goals.

2. Proactively promotes through example a safe work ethic, attitude, and workplace. Complies with all health and safety policies, standards, and procedures to achieve a safe work environment and safety for all staff and visitors as well as the Company’s, Client’s and Regulatory Agencies safe work objectives and requirements.

3. Maintains effective working relationships and communications with peers, management, and other Company departments and staff. Effectively resolves any conflicts in a timely and respectful manner to achieve positive and healthy working relationships and workplace environment.

4. Promotes a quality-first work ethic and attitude to provide a product that is manufactured to the highest standard achievable.

5. Maintains confidentiality to comply with all regulatory requirements and Company Privacy and Confidentiality policies and procedures.

6. Understands, complies with, and is accountable for adherence to COR quality standards in all activities.

7. Safely operates company owned, leased, managed, or rented vehicles and/or mobile equipment. Incumbent is required to perform Safety Sensitive duties and responsibilities.

8.Manages assigned work station/tasks within scope of responsibility so all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operational targets are achieved.

9. Safely and efficiently operates all assigned (both as primary as well as for relief coverage) unit equipment and process(es) as outlined in the applicable SOP syllabus.

10. Advises Supervisor when production targets will not be met and provide explanation of shortfalls and actively participate in the development of productivity improvement initiatives.

11. Conducts maintenance checks on equipment.

12. Maintains a high-level of cleanliness within the assigned Unit(s) as instructed. Daily cleaning of assigned area focusing not only on identifiable piles but dust accumulation on equipment.

13. Diligently works on and completes assigned training plan and achieves competency for all aspects of the assigned Unit(s) within agreed-upon timelines. Continually works to enhance operational skills. With prior approval and when opportunities exist, commences training on other equipment.

14. Seeks opportunities to simplify and improve work methods and presents them to Supervisor for approval.

15. Participates in the development of strategies to improve productivity, lower downtime and operating costs, and add value to the MRF.

16. Provides training and mentoring of other team members and personnel as assigned.

17. Supports other initiatives of the Plant to promote a healthy and positive work environment and enhance employee morale and engagement.

18. Completes other duties as assigned.


1. Understands and is accountable for responsibilities as Equipment Operator as described in Sections 2-2 and 3-2 of the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Waste Services Health & Safety Management Policy & System documentation and other relevant policies.

2. Conducts a Safe Work Plan (SWP) review prior to any non-routine and critical activities. Documents and maintains a record of the meeting. Verifies that all involved in a SWP understand the risks and sign the document prior to starting the job. Reviews safety and environmental practices for contractors assigned to him/her. Conducts a pre-job safety meeting with the contractor’s supervisor and his/her staff to review policies applicable to the job.

3. Acts upon, in a timely manner, any unsafe conditions observed.

4. Performs work only where competence is met.

5. Reports all out of the ordinary, external communication to their Supervisor or their designate.

6. Produces legible and identifiable records and documents. Prevents production of unauthorized copies of documentation. Consults with the responsible Supervisor or Manager on replacement of lost or damaged documentation.

7. Participates in pre-approved training to advance skills and competence.

8. Understands role in an emergency.

9. Reports all incidents, non-conformances, near misses, concerns and potential legal non-compliances immediately to their Supervisor or their designate.

10. Maintains a safe and clean workplace at all times.

11. Cooperates with auditors to facilitate successful audits.


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