Company: Opulunt Projects United Skills: Document Control Experience: 8 + Years Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee Location: Tripoli, Tripoli District, Libya Status: Active No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Position : Document Assistant

Experience : Min. 8 Years

Job Description:

Primarily, the duties of the Documentation Assistant entail the preparation, completion and distribution of shipping documents for the export of crude oil from the Terminal, on a 24 hour basis. This involves close liaison with the Terminal’s Control Room personnel, shipping agents, customs officers, mooring masters and National Oil Corporation representatives.
The Documentation Assistant is also responsible for the upkeep, recording and maintenance of the Shipping filing system on computer whereby pertinent ship data on each and every shipment is put on record. All ship visits are to be inputted into the computer database. The Documentation Assistant will also need to keep records, on computer, of all protest letters delivered to the Terminal by the ship’s master and/or the ship’s cargo inspectors.
Statistical and evaluation reports are issued by the Documentation Assistant on a monthly and yearly basis (”Sirtica, Amal & Mesla Chart calculation”)use within the Oil Movement department, and for the P&T Superintendent’s information and perusal.

The Assistant’s functions also extend to administrative duties within the Oil Movements section.
He also helps and assists his superiors in whichever way possible in their day to day running of

the department. He acts as secretary for the department and jointly with his superiors, he sets

up, plans, organizes and keeps track record of departmental matters, such as:-


• Employee’s “Vacation and Holidays”;

• Maintenance and upkeep of employee files and other filing systems within the department;

• Recording and issuance of correspondence to and fro the department including the

“Weekly Activities Report”.

• Any and all other work relating and/or ancillary thereto.


5. Emphasis is made to the duties and responsibilities of the Documentation Assistant which are demanding and exacting. Accuracy in the issuance of shipping documents is mandatory –
errors can result in huge revenue losses for the Company. Promptness (hasty dispatch of documents) is also of essence – ship’s delays may result in payment of costly demurrage. Consequently, the Documentation Assistant needs to have the following general qualifications:-

• Higher level standard in typing with a minimum speed of at least 50 wpm;

• Sound knowledge of the English language as well as a general oral knowledge in Arabic;

• Familiar with the operation of basic computer software, particularly, word processor,

spreadsheet and database. A limited understanding in computer programming would also be considered an asset.


The Documentation Assistant needs to be a responsible and competent person, efficient and well organized, and also capable to work on his own initiative.


Previous experience in oil related companies / activities would be considered an asset.

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