Company: Ranger Energy Skills: Derrickman Experience: 1 + Years Education: High School/Secondary Location: Calumet, Oklahoma, United States Status: Active
In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume
does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.Located in region: North America

Derrick Hand


The Derrick Hand is responsible for monitoring and maintaining proper procedures of the daily operations of the well servicing rig. The Derrick Hand assists in all duties on the rig site to include rigging up and down, picking up or laying down tubing, working the rig floor, and assisting in operating the rig when necessary.


§ Performs fall arrest system, harness, derrick, and hoisting component inspections as required

§ Ability to correctly operate the Geronimo

§ Performs fall protection donning and doffing as required

§ Performs hydro testing as required

§ Assist in racking of rod of tubing

§ Performs daily operation of the Tong’s

§ Pulls and lays down rods, tubing, casing, and other equipment as needed. At times, lifting of equipment may require the use of a forklift, winch, or assistance of other crew members

§ Participate in meet and greet at location sites

§ Participate in JSA and tail gate meetings as scheduled

§ Assist in pipe tallying, rigging up and down, nipple up and down of BOP units, and pipe handling

§ Responsible for keeping work site, equipment, and tools clean and in good working order

§ Assist in the day to day lubrication and minor adjustments of equipment

§ Ability to understand Hazard ID cards and near hit cards, as well as follow standard operating procedure for completion of cards

§ Assist in the daily inspection and maintenance of equipment

§ Successfully perform elevator handling, hardline construction, and energy isolation procedures

§ Trains and mentors floor hand on day to day operations

§ Daily communication with Rig Operator on work site operations and maintenance

§ Assist in operating the rig when requested and deemed competent by supervisor

§ Responsible to stop work if conditions are unsafe and report concerns immediately

§ Report all incidents as per the standard operating procedures

§ Other duties as assigned.


§ 1+ year(s) of experience working on a well servicing rig preferred

§ Must be familiar with pump and tank operations

§ Must have a valid state issued driver’s license, CDL, or the ability to obtain one

§ Must be able to successfully perform the duties of a floor hand

§ Ability to perform manual labor required to operate well servicing equipment

§ Ability to show knowledge of running tongs and all other BWS equipment

§ Competent communication skills

§ Must be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment

§ Ability to work a flexible schedule

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