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This website contains many jobs within Maritime and Offshore Industry sectors. All the information is hand-picked from very reliable and safe employment sources. New jobs are arriving every working day and occasionally during weekends (in case of urgent jobs).

Every vacancy has a main description and the employer’s email address for job applications. For your convenience, all vacancies are categorized by Industry Field and Job Position.

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In the last few months the traffic of job seekers on our website has dramatically increased and many candidates were sending their applications to multiple email address without any limitations. Certain employers have received tons of CVs from non-suitable candidates which made it difficult for them. Therefore, in order to limit the number of incoming job applications we have decided to charge a very small fee for 1 or 3  MONTHS FULL ACCESS memberships.

In our opinion all the serious and self-confident candidates will be separated from the casual visitors who have already got a job or applying just for fun.

However, FREE LIMITED ACCESS is still available, but mostly for RATING positions and random URGENT vacancies.

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